Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Monday, May 14, 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See MERS and U.S. Bank et al. Continue to Screw Seattle Area Vietnam Veteran and Father on a Predatory Loan and Foreclosure.

Read an email I sent out to Department of Financial Institutions and others 
below the bottom video. We all know major press won't touch this
so I am taking to my own cable TV show. To hell with them.

Note: All videos are posted here.
Predatory lending and dishonest banking and mortgage industry have conspired to ruin Michael Levitz' life:  Many years ago his wife signed a predatory Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) and a huge balloon payment. How do I know this?  Because I was a closing attorney fifteen (15) years ago when these sleazy products were being sold. All kinds of products that allowed everyone to buy a home but no one to actually own one.  Even people who did nothing with their homes were harmed because of the diminishing equity they faced; it was complete cyclical destruction of the middle class. See S&L scandal of the 1980's and Enron of the 1990's. Saul Alinsky will tell you all about that. 

But I digress. Knowing he was about to get jammed up he structured a sale of a portion of his mountain view/lake view property several years ago and was in escrow when the purported lending institution -- Chevy Chase Bank -- disappeared. It was being merged. So instead of being able to pay off the mortgage he went into limbo and they went into hate mode, tacking on usurious fees and penalties, dual tracking him while he was in mediation, and putting on force-placed insurance, whatever bad they could do to this guy, they did it.

So I started making movies about his situation and contacting Washington State authorities including the Office of the Attorney General and Department of Financial Institutions who have had feet of clay for some time now, even though the AG had previously argued that MERS wrecks a Chain of Title and the DFI has already ruled that MERS is a False and Deceptive business practice when cited as being a Beneficiary.

Well then I got him a lawyer -- two of them to be precise. They filed a Chapter 11 in Federal Court. The only debt this guy really has is this stupid mortgage albatross.

They were in settlement mode when the banksters filed a malicious Motion to Dismiss the Adversary Complaint, basically arguing that the Quit Claim Deed to the property and his Power of Attorney from his estranged wife is not good enough for him to proceed, and that it's OK for MERS to be a Beneficiary -- no harm no foul -- regardless of what the Law technically says. 


Stay tuned folks and watch the video on top and do your own Google searches for Michael and me. I'm taking this one to my TV show on Roku in June. Watch for "Corruption Meets Camera."

Meanwhile many of us who joined with Marie McDonnell 3 years ago after her King County/MERS audit will be at City Hall tomorrow as the city continues to grapple with its homeless issue and corporate taxation, i.e. "the Amazon Tax."  Query, where in the hell were they 3 years ago when they refused to sue MERS as they had done in Multnomah and other Oregon Counties and settled for millions.  Seattle took taxpayer money and paid Ms. McDonnell to do a report, she did a report and encouraged litigation, then the only City Council with the chutzpah to agree to let her present was Nick Licata. 

We had to hold our own Mortgage Economic Reality Summit because Seattle City Council were too scared to sue MERS... and this includes Kshama Sawant. I say this because back when I was making free campaign movies for her she was big into the fight against these banks and actually got arrested. Since then, nothing from her on MERS. Anyway, read this and watch this:


MERS to Quality = No Standing to Foreclose. And Mike Wileman is a robo signer to boot. Read the documents.
January 09, 2018 at 5:53 AM
Great Morning folks.

MERS cannot appoint a Successor Trustee. It’s that simple. Quality has no Standing and there is no Real Party in Interest Manifest.

In this case the Assignment is void ab initio because it is all about the entity of MERS, rather than identity of the individual robo-signer, which would render the Assignment merely voidable. Therefore Mr. Levitz may correctly challenge under Yvanova v. New Century 365 P.3d 845 (2016). 

How can MERS Assign that which it does not own?
And again this Series is not even registered with the SEC
When did Mike Wileman work for MERS? 
He worked for Orion Financial Group 2001-2017.
CitiMortgage Settled foreclosure Fraud Cases involving Orion documents. Lynn Szymoniak sued Orion as well, on her way to her $18M Settlement. Orion might not have been flagged, but they are dirty too. 

MERS made QLSC Trustee but MERS cannot do this.
And the underlying Trust is not registered with the SEC.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

KingCast/Mortgage Movies Sees Another Abusive Seattle Area Eviction at Discovery Heights.

Note: On further review it might not be Laura Thomassen... just her Evil Twin.
They will have much more to concern themselves with soon from what I hear.

First of all, anytime someone is uncomfortable in front of a camera my hackles go up. If you're on the up and up there's no need to be uncomfortable, but these two characters sure were.  The one on the right -- Keisha Washington -- kept fidgeting like a two year-old and the one on the left -- whom I believe to be Laura Thomassen -- actually told me "I don't know why you're taking pictures of me because I'm not with them."

Come to find out she's the freaking property manger, right. Whatever her name is, she was clearly "with them" so why tell a bald-faced lie?  And frankly if you'll lie about your identity you'll lie about anything.

Now then, in response to my Meaningful Movies/Company Town video someone wrote that they could live anywhere they wish.

I responded thusly:

Of course you can move where you wish, but the point is that many people who already live in these company cities are being displaced by bullshit evictions so that they can jack up the rents.  I just witnessed another one at Discovery Heights near Blakely Hall where I shot this video. Stay tuned for THAT video on or about today, 18 April 2018.


OK so in this case basically the tenant claimed there was a glitch in the system when she went to pay the rent using an automated system, I believe it was ACH. She was on vacation and had not been late on rent since signing up for the system last June or July. Discovery Heights puts on Hearsay testimony that someone reviewed the system and that there was no problem. Meanwhile the tenant testified that she had no idea about the three-day notice. Once she got notice she claims she tried to pay but they played the shell game with the file even though Keisha had told her she could pay the money. Then a 10 Day Notice was sent out on 7 March 2018. 

The notice offered an opportunity to cure. 

Moreover, Keisha Washington left a voicemail on the 14th. I have listened to the voicemail and she states"
"Today is the day we send everything over to legal over to eviction and I'm trying to avoid that by trying to get in contact with you please call me today please call us with a plan for what you are going to do with your rental payment."

From the Tenant's court filing:

On March 14 Discovery West Management (Lakeisha Washington) left a voice message saying it was her second phone call. She said rent is late and she was sending my file to the law firm by the end of the day. The Defendant called her back within 30 minutes of the message. No one answered therefore the Defendant left a voice message indicating she wants to clear this up immediately and asked for clarification about payment method. There was no return call from Ms. Washington by the end of day. The Defendant subsequently called again the following day and left another message as well as sending an email.

Ms. Washington called back Thursday afternoon. The Defendant was told that the law office was already drafting paperwork to commence eviction and the management company could not accept payment. This was of course several days prior to the final date of the Ten Day Notice of March 19, 2018.

The Defendant asked why there was no return call from the prior day as she wanted to get the issue cleared up before sending the file to the attorney office.
Note: The Tenant has apparently miscalculated the 10-day Notice cutoff by two days but in any event she claims that they played the shell game with the file and didn't actually provide  any way for her to tender the money prior to the expiration of the 10 day period.

So on 23 March the tenant -- a mother of two young children -- delivered a Certified check, which was rejected.


Curiously, as I watched this hearing today no one mentioned the 10 Day Notice, only the 3 Day Notice.

To me the question is, does the 10 Day Notice supersede the 3 Day Notice, and if so why would the Court rule against the Tenant when the Tenant provided uncontroverted testimony that the landlord never actually provided a payment method and instead played the shell game with the file, i.e. "oh the lawyers have it, oh, wait no they don't, ok yes they do....."

This type of abuse is a major issue in Somerville MA (Boston) too... I used to live there.

After the hearing today I asked Ryan Weatherstone if he thought his client acted in Good Faith. He said yes. I respectfully disagree. Then I asked all of them how much they will jack up the rent in the subject unit now that they have an eviction.  In return I got ice-grilled.  

The Tenant informs that they had already jacked the rent $300 in her unit for April.

I look forward to watching the Appeal and where the case goes from here. Meanwhile wait for the movie after I confirm the identity of the Property Manager.

Monday, April 9, 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say Congressman Eric Swalwell is Correct on Journalist Protection Act in Today's Hostile World.

As you watch this short video, know that I have worked for the Indianapolis Star and the Ohio Call & Post newspapers. I was a First Amendment Scholar before I finished law school in 1993. The only classes I earned A's in were Constitutional Law and First Amendment Law.

As you review the Journalist Protection Act take time to see how real professionals handle situations like this in a hotly-contested case here in Seattle.

Take a look at some of these more extreme examples. While the actual physicality of these other attacks is in some ways greater than mine, my example is no less egregious. This is particularly true in light of the fact that this was a controlled environment in which we have a highly-established lawyer as the perpetrator.  To compound injury, he and his lawyer both refused to show any contrition or remorse. His lawyer Terry Johnson sits on a panel of the Office of Lawyer Regulation as I now await the final determination as to what should happen to Attorney Rattan. Johnson chided me recently with a comment "You haven't changed one bit."

This from a man who has a history of representing abusive white men of privilege, including a frat that has been banned from College campuses and has actually killed someone.

Well the point folks is that we as journalists don't have to change, especially when we are operating within clearly-prescribed limits of the law. I had never defied any order of this tribunal yet when I questioned why the hearing officer failed to admonish the establishment lawyer he threw me out. Apparently I am not allowed to tell him I will be raising his conduct with the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

As you will see however, this Hearing Examiner was all over me months ago in the same proceeding, issuing warnings that were completely uncalled for.  I'll be suing him soon.

That's a Chilling Thought.

Addendum:  Take a look at the hubris of Terry Johnson and one of the only black attorneys at his new firm, von Briesen attorney William F. Sulton. Terry is upset because he knows he lost to me, it's just a matter of time -- perhaps next month -- when his abusive client gets the final Decision from the OLR as indicated by the Report and Recommendations thumbnail posted above, right.  So that in part explains his thorny nature, even though a bit of contrition from his client or him could have gone a long way they are stubborn and refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing. They even implied that I doctored the video, LOL guys the OLR found absolutely NO EVIDENCE of that.

Now it comes to Attorney Sulton, who also told me to stop writing the Wisconsin African-American Lawyers group. Terry calls my activity in protecting my personal space and the First Amendment "nuttiness."

But not to be outdone, and promptly echoing the edict of the Massuh' Sulton turns around and says "I'm even worse. Ask around."  I told him "I don't need to ask. I know an Uncle Tom when I see one."  Fools like him are a dime-a-dozen at the slave auctions. I hope he got some knee pads with his signing bonus, right.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Reflect on the Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's Assassination: 50 Trumps 45.

Also, I hate it when people fake the funk and have Dr. King and Malcolm X on their walls when they really are corporate shills who use their black robes to screw people and try to keep me from running Courtroom video. King County's own Monica Benton. At least she had to let me in (video) cos I would have sued her happy ass if she hadn't. #JudgeMonicaBenton.  

KingCast: More often than not, I am helping someone, somewhere. 

BTW I told that idiot lawyer representing that idiot lawyer who assaulted me: 

50 years later and not much has changed.. and I'm still waiting on the punishment for Mark W. Rattan 
1 minute ago at 5:22 PM 
To 29 recipients 

Yah Terry, Just stopping in on the 50th Anniversary of my namesake's Assassination to help contextualize things for you: 

1968: Black men and women, lawfully assembled, had to worry about being physically assaulted by white men of privilege. 

2018: Black men and women........

You see Terry this is the part of our Interactive Learning Experience where you use your context clues to fill in the blank. This way I can help you learn more about issues that divide our Country. KingCast: I'm here to help. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

KingCast Motorsports Gets the Drop on Major Press and Shares with Car and Driver Magazine as 2019 Kia K900 Flagship is Caught in Spy Photos.

Note: This is not about Mortgage Movies per se.
What it is about, is this:

I will shoot my goddamn camera wherever I please, within the bounds of the law.
Believe me, I know the law better than most, as I have won First Amendment trials as an attorney.

So if you think you can get out of your chair as an angry privileged lawyer and attack me for lawfully running video, you are wrong. You will be disciplined and you will be sued.
And I will slam your attorney too. Watch.
#Mark W. Rattan, Esq.
#Terry E. Johnson, Esq.
The swoop: This car was not supposed to be seen prior to 30 March 2018 NY Auto Show.
Just ask the driver, he'll tell ya LOL

I went to Car and Driver with these photos first because I have been reading Car and Driver for forty-five (45) years. Pat Bedard. Don Sherman. Rich Ceppos. David E. Davis is one of the reasons I owned a BMW 2002tii. The (admittedly sexist) Davis 1968 BMW 2002 road test.... Open your hymnals... Olaf the Volvo & Brock Yates..... we owned a Volvo 144S and many more....

Anyway.... Here ya go.
What It Is: Kia’s large flagship sedan, the second-generation K900. The white car was spotted during a commercial shoot in San Diego and snapped by a loyal Car and Driver reader. Meanwhile, Kia released its first two official pictures of the new model, a home-market version of the K900, seen in black.
Why It Matters: It doesn’t, much, in terms of sales volumes. Sedans of all stripes are losing sales to crossovers, and Kia sent only a few hundred units of the K900 to the United States last year in a vain attempt to compete against established $60,000 luxury cars and its own parent company’s Genesis G90, which didn’t receive that much more attention. Rather than follow up with another forgettable design, Kia brought its California studio into the styling mix this time, and the result is quite handsome, although the rear end is so similar to a Mercedes-Benz’s that it looks like it could bolt right onto an S-class. The interior sports an analog clock by fancy Swiss watchmaker Maurice Lacroix, and the LED mood lighting glows in different colors. The new K900 appears more substantial and upscale from every angle.


Platform: The new car shares its bones with the G90—a competent chassis by any measure—and thus should offer improved performance and a more premium experience. According to Kia, the wheelbase is 2.3 inches longer than the outgoing K900 and 2.2 inches shorter than the G90. We hope the new car also will be better to drive; the current K900 is a soggy piece that pales against similarly priced establishment players.
Powertrain: Expect the new K900 to come with the G90’s two engines, a twin-turbo 3.3-liter V-6 with 365 horsepower and a 5.0-liter V-8 boasting 420 ponies. Kia’s 3.8-liter V-6, currently producing 311 horsepower, may return with slightly more power. An eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive will be standard, while an AWD badge on the white car’s front fenders shows that four driven wheels will be an option, too.
#Kia #KiaK900 #spyphoto #CarandDriverMagazine #CarandDriver #HearstPublications

Sunday, March 18, 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Support a Call to Action Against HB 2057 - 2017-18.

For those of you who do not know me, please know that I ran a title company in the '00's. Prior to that and after that I also had extensive experience in zoning and land use working for wireless companies including but not limited to Nextel, Sprint, At&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and American Tower, and I have helped settle many first and second mortgage issues via mediation and private discussions. 

So I have more than a clue about what is right and what is wrong. With as much corruption going on in the banking and mortgage industries we turn to HB 2057 - 2017-18 Concerning services and processes available when residential real property is abandoned or in foreclosure. From Neil Garfield's Living Lies.
Bill Summary


Governor Inslee has not signed this bill yet! 

Please contact his office to send a message that he should NOT sign this bill into law in its current form. The bank and foreclosure industry lobbyists had some of their legislator friends make changes to the bill that would clear the way for anyone saying they hold any promissory note, to make it even easier to foreclosure non-judicially. Here is the section with the most important and disturbing changes. 

The words in (( )) will be eliminated from the current law, IF this new bill is signed into law by Governor Inslee. Specifically, the language of RCW 61.24.030(7)(a) on page 2 of the bill: 

(7)(a) That, for residential real property, before the notice of trustee's sale is recorded, transmitted, or served, the trustee shall have proof that the beneficiary is the ((owner)) holder of any promissory note or other obligation secured by the deed of trust. 

A declaration by the beneficiary made under the penalty of perjury stating that the beneficiary is the ((actual)) holder of ((the))any promissory note or other obligation secured by the deed of trust shall be sufficient proof as required under this subsection. By changing "owner" to "holder" means the servicer bank asserting authority to foreclose, does not have to own the underlying debt. By changing "the promissory note" to "any promissory note" the legislature is allowing the servicer bank to only have a copy of the promissory note, a negotiable instrument. 

Can a bank cash a copy of a personal check? Nope. 

But, this legislature is going to allow a bank to foreclose their lien using only a copy of a negotiable instrument. This is not acceptable and a complete capitulation by the legislature and the so-called homeowner advocates involved in crafting this bill, to the bank and foreclosure industry in Washington State. Contact page for Governor Inslee.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Wisconsin Bar Set to Slam White Wells Fargo Lawyer who Attacked Black Journalist.

Like I said Bubba: Put your finger down. Sit down. 
And keep your fucking hands off of my equipment and me.


As you can see by the 6 March 2018 letter from the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation (hereinafter, "OLR,") the handwriting is finally on the wall in a heinous disciplinary action.  Mark Rattan -- that pompous asshole who put his hands on my equipment and me while I was lawfully running video in Referee James J. Winiarski's hearing is going to receive public discipline on his record, as well he should. Wait until I get done suing his ass too. All in due course. These people need to learn a lesson, and I am just the person to teach it to them.

A detractor of mine once said to me, 

"You can't make your life just suing people who don't suit you." 

To that I say: 

"I don't just sue people who don't suit me. As a progressive black man in this Country who has actually won Civil Rights trials I would have about eleventy-billion lawsuits filed against people if I were that reactionary, LOL fool.  That being said, however, I reserve the right to sue anyone who actually violates my fundamental rights, or those of my people. Further, I will do it in a heartbeat and I will do it with a vengeance." 

Now then, it is indeed refreshing to note that Mark W. Rattan, the sanctimonious, bigoted, hegemonic, nouveau riche Wells Fargo attorney who assaulted me (raw video) at the Wendy Alison Nora OLR disciplinary witch-hunt hearing a year ago will be sanctioned.

His lawyer Terry E. johnson should also be sanctioned for failure to sign pleadings. I proved that too, but let's see what happens to this cheeseball who was clearly brought in to the picture for his influence because he sits on an OLR Committee.... he even tried to say that I altered the video. Jesus Christ on a Bicycle dude, grow up.

I’m sure his new law firm (vonBriesen) is “having fun” with this… Terry recently told me to "have fun" too, so I want to be sure that he and his people are "having fun," as well, as I finish whupping his fucking arrogant ass, quite publicly. 

Or did I?  It's so hard to understand, what with him not actually signing any Pleadings and such, so how can I beat someone who never signed any Pleadings, LOL.

What a hot mess, right?

So anyway KingCast was again correct about ethical violations committed by an establishment Judge or lawyer. Remember this: I am always correct. Theese white men of privilege harm many people, all the time. Often is is their own white women who catch it the worst -- I know it 'cos they tell me --  but that's a topic of discussion for another day, yah.

For now let's just finish the ass-whupping I started.