Housing is a Civil Right

Housing is a Civil Right

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

KingCast Motorsports Gets the Drop on Major Press and Shares with Car and Driver Magazine as 2019 Kia K900 Flagship is Caught in Spy Photos.

Note: This is not about Mortgage Movies per se.
What it is about, is this:

I will shoot my goddamn camera wherever I please, within the bounds of the law.
Believe me, I know the law better than most, as I have won First Amendment trials as an attorney.

So if you think you can get out of your chair as an angry privileged lawyer and attack me for lawfully running video, you are wrong. You will be disciplined and you will be sued.
And I will slam your attorney too. Watch.
#Mark W. Rattan, Esq.
#Terry E. Johnson, Esq.
The swoop: This car was not supposed to be seen prior to 30 March 2018 NY Auto Show.
Just ask the driver, he'll tell ya LOL

I went to Car and Driver with these photos first because I have been reading Car and Driver for forty-five (45) years. Pat Bedard. Don Sherman. Rich Ceppos. David E. Davis is one of the reasons I owned a BMW 2002tii. The (admittedly sexist) Davis 1968 BMW 2002 road test.... Open your hymnals... Olaf the Volvo & Brock Yates..... we owned a Volvo 144S and many more....

Anyway.... Here ya go.
What It Is: Kia’s large flagship sedan, the second-generation K900. The white car was spotted during a commercial shoot in San Diego and snapped by a loyal Car and Driver reader. Meanwhile, Kia released its first two official pictures of the new model, a home-market version of the K900, seen in black.
Why It Matters: It doesn’t, much, in terms of sales volumes. Sedans of all stripes are losing sales to crossovers, and Kia sent only a few hundred units of the K900 to the United States last year in a vain attempt to compete against established $60,000 luxury cars and its own parent company’s Genesis G90, which didn’t receive that much more attention. Rather than follow up with another forgettable design, Kia brought its California studio into the styling mix this time, and the result is quite handsome, although the rear end is so similar to a Mercedes-Benz’s that it looks like it could bolt right onto an S-class. The interior sports an analog clock by fancy Swiss watchmaker Maurice Lacroix, and the LED mood lighting glows in different colors. The new K900 appears more substantial and upscale from every angle.


Platform: The new car shares its bones with the G90—a competent chassis by any measure—and thus should offer improved performance and a more premium experience. According to Kia, the wheelbase is 2.3 inches longer than the outgoing K900 and 2.2 inches shorter than the G90. We hope the new car also will be better to drive; the current K900 is a soggy piece that pales against similarly priced establishment players.
Powertrain: Expect the new K900 to come with the G90’s two engines, a twin-turbo 3.3-liter V-6 with 365 horsepower and a 5.0-liter V-8 boasting 420 ponies. Kia’s 3.8-liter V-6, currently producing 311 horsepower, may return with slightly more power. An eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive will be standard, while an AWD badge on the white car’s front fenders shows that four driven wheels will be an option, too.
#Kia #KiaK900 #spyphoto #CarandDriverMagazine #CarandDriver #HearstPublications

Sunday, March 18, 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Support a Call to Action Against HB 2057 - 2017-18.

For those of you who do not know me, please know that I ran a title company in the '00's. Prior to that and after that I also had extensive experience in zoning and land use working for wireless companies including but not limited to Nextel, Sprint, At&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and American Tower, and I have helped settle many first and second mortgage issues via mediation and private discussions. 

So I have more than a clue about what is right and what is wrong. With as much corruption going on in the banking and mortgage industries we turn to HB 2057 - 2017-18 Concerning services and processes available when residential real property is abandoned or in foreclosure. From Neil Garfield's Living Lies.
Bill Summary


Governor Inslee has not signed this bill yet! 

Please contact his office to send a message that he should NOT sign this bill into law in its current form. The bank and foreclosure industry lobbyists had some of their legislator friends make changes to the bill that would clear the way for anyone saying they hold any promissory note, to make it even easier to foreclosure non-judicially. Here is the section with the most important and disturbing changes. 

The words in (( )) will be eliminated from the current law, IF this new bill is signed into law by Governor Inslee. Specifically, the language of RCW 61.24.030(7)(a) on page 2 of the bill: 

(7)(a) That, for residential real property, before the notice of trustee's sale is recorded, transmitted, or served, the trustee shall have proof that the beneficiary is the ((owner)) holder of any promissory note or other obligation secured by the deed of trust. 

A declaration by the beneficiary made under the penalty of perjury stating that the beneficiary is the ((actual)) holder of ((the))any promissory note or other obligation secured by the deed of trust shall be sufficient proof as required under this subsection. By changing "owner" to "holder" means the servicer bank asserting authority to foreclose, does not have to own the underlying debt. By changing "the promissory note" to "any promissory note" the legislature is allowing the servicer bank to only have a copy of the promissory note, a negotiable instrument. 

Can a bank cash a copy of a personal check? Nope. 

But, this legislature is going to allow a bank to foreclose their lien using only a copy of a negotiable instrument. This is not acceptable and a complete capitulation by the legislature and the so-called homeowner advocates involved in crafting this bill, to the bank and foreclosure industry in Washington State. Contact page for Governor Inslee.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Wisconsin Bar Set to Slam White Wells Fargo Lawyer who Attacked Black Journalist.

Like I said Bubba: Put your finger down. Sit down. 
And keep your fucking hands off of my equipment and me.


As you can see by the 6 March 2018 letter from the Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation (hereinafter, "OLR,") the handwriting is finally on the wall in a heinous disciplinary action.  Mark Rattan -- that pompous asshole who put his hands on my equipment and me while I was lawfully running video in Referee James J. Winiarski's hearing is going to receive public discipline on his record, as well he should. Wait until I get done suing his ass too. All in due course. These people need to learn a lesson, and I am just the person to teach it to them.

A detractor of mine once said to me, 

"You can't make your life just suing people who don't suit you." 

To that I say: 

"I don't just sue people who don't suit me. As a progressive black man in this Country who has actually won Civil Rights trials I would have about eleventy-billion lawsuits filed against people if I were that reactionary, LOL fool.  That being said, however, I reserve the right to sue anyone who actually violates my fundamental rights, or those of my people. Further, I will do it in a heartbeat and I will do it with a vengeance." 

Now then, it is indeed refreshing to note that Mark W. Rattan, the sanctimonious, bigoted, hegemonic, nouveau riche Wells Fargo attorney who assaulted me (raw video) at the Wendy Alison Nora OLR disciplinary witch-hunt hearing a year ago will be sanctioned.

His lawyer Terry E. johnson should also be sanctioned for failure to sign pleadings. I proved that too, but let's see what happens to this cheeseball who was clearly brought in to the picture for his influence because he sits on an OLR Committee.... he even tried to say that I altered the video. Jesus Christ on a Bicycle dude, grow up.

I’m sure his new law firm (vonBriesen) is “having fun” with this… Terry recently told me to "have fun" too, so I want to be sure that he and his people are "having fun," as well, as I finish whupping his fucking arrogant ass, quite publicly. 

Or did I?  It's so hard to understand, what with him not actually signing any Pleadings and such, so how can I beat someone who never signed any Pleadings, LOL.

What a hot mess, right?

So anyway KingCast was again correct about ethical violations committed by an establishment Judge or lawyer. Remember this: I am always correct. Theese white men of privilege harm many people, all the time. Often is is their own white women who catch it the worst -- I know it 'cos they tell me --  but that's a topic of discussion for another day, yah.

For now let's just finish the ass-whupping I started.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

KingCast Sees Old Pals Federal Judge Ronald B. Leighton & Zurich Insurance Attorney Lesley J. Fleming Caught on Ethics Probe.

U.S. Department of Justice following KingCast to see how dirty Judge Ronald B. Leighton and Lesley J. Fleming really are. Or are they following to see if they can shut me down.

Silly Judge. He can't hide from KingCast and the U.S. House and Senate. 

 Bozgoz v. Essakhi et al Judge Leighton corrupt and protecting his former intern Lesley J. Fleming and Zurich Insurance. All of them are completely corrupt and violating the ADA to boot. Not to mention Conflict of Laws because I have personally filed on behalf of an infirm person with a PoA. See my successful Motion to Intervene in Shafer v. Bremby, 3:12-CV-00039 (CT 2012).

Now of course the Court allowed Defendant Bremby and the white CT AG to lie through their teeth and throw us out of Court, but at least we got to play. Here they don’t even bother with the pretense. Prejudiced…. hell yes. That’s about the only thing the Court got accurate and True.
Get this, Judge Ronald B. Leighton is wrong on the Law, fancy that. A Power of Attorney for an infirm person has a right to Represent. How do I know for sure? Read my fucking email above as POA for my Mom. 

Leighton is in violation of the general rules and principles of informed consent…. he and Zurich Attorney Lesley J. Fleming know full well that she was his goddamn clerk and 13 years ago is hardly a lifetime. It should have been disclosed. And that is in violation of the State law on Appearance of Impropriety too. This dude is a Piece of Work. 

Judge Leighton also glossed over the fact that he was Attorney Fleming’s direct boss. “She worked in the Courthouse 13 years ago.” Motion for Reconsideration and Appeal on Conflict of Laws, I say. Just my opinion.

6 March 2018 Update--Zurich and their sleaze ball friends 
at Pierce County are back for another visit.

Love me some Roger Federer.... GOAT, no doubt. No offense to Laver or Tilden but Jesus Roger is a god.  Watch the Wimbledon drop shot at 4:41. Wuuut?  Hate me some Zurich Insurance though, yes. Now if you'll excuse me I have some Notices to prepare for dozens of elected officials, especially those on the Justice Committees. 

KingCast Mortgage Movies see Zurich Insurance checking in on their investment in crime with Judge Ronald B. Leighton and Lesley J. Fleming 

Get your background here.
As noted, Pierce County Judge Stanley Rumbaugh ran roughshod over the Constitution, Free Press and Civil Rights laws and principles on two (2) distinct cases I started following a year or so ago. In one of them he screwed a family after their matriarch sustained a broken neck because of a contracted Pierce County driver. 

The family -- by and through a PTSD military-background advocate -- noted collusion in the case and filed a RICO Action in the Seattle Federal District Court to escape the oppression coming from the dirtiest County in the State, right. 

But alas, the hillbilly Justice mavens manifest this time through Judge Ronald B. Leighton, who has abused his discretion in recent history by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. This guy went and cherry-picked the case and brought it right back down to his home turf where he basically stomped it out and dismissed the entire thing, taking not to give her leave to amend, because that's where he fucked up in Sheidler v. Avery, 599 Fed.Appx. 688 (2015). 
He did this because Zurich defense Counsel Lesley Fleming is an old friend of his, a former law clerk. The same Lesley Fleming who wagged her finger in my face as noted in the video, right. The two of them have some nerve, and they almost got away clean. But not quite. This is going to leave a mark, and multiple people will be filing Ethics Complaints on both of them. From Sheidler:
"However, the district court abused its discretion in dismissing the first amended complaint without leave to amend. See U.S. v. Corinthian Colleges, 655 F.3d 984, 995 (9th Cir.2011) (“[D]ismissal without leave to amend is improper unless it is clear, upon de novo review, that the complaint could not be saved by any amendment.” (internal citation and quotation marks omitted)). See Akhtar v. Mesa, 698 F.3d 1202, 1212 (9th Cir.2012) (“A district court should not dismiss a pro se complaint unless it is absolutely clear that the deficiencies of the complaint could not be cured by amendment.” (citation and internal quotation marks omitted)). 
We therefore reverse and remand to allow Scheidler an opportunity to amend his complaint. Moreover, the district court did not address the merits of Scheidler's petition for review of the Board of Tax Appeal's September 6, 2012 decision, which Scheidler incorporated by reference into his amended complaint. Nor did the district court decline to exercise supplemental jurisdiction. See City of Chicago v. Int'l Coll. of Surgeons, 522 U.S. 156, 168–69, 118 S.Ct. 523, 139 L.Ed.2d 525 (1997) (supplemental jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C. § 1367 extends to review of state administrative agency determinations). We therefore reverse *690 and remand for review of the agency decision." 
 .....Anyway, in this case for them to have the nerve to run a game like that, and nearly get away clean, is just a study in abject horror. The funny part of course is that in her research about incestuous deals like this where the appearance of impropriety has been shattered, Ms. Bozgoz found the forced recusal of one Landa B. McCafferty that I caused on a First Amendment case several years ago as noted in the video. I had sued Kelly Ayotte during her ascension to her one-term as U.S. Senator because she threw me out of a publicly-advertised fundraiser that was clearly a public event.  On-duty regular Nashua, NH PD were there to cover it -- not Detail cops on private time, right, duh.

Anyway McCafferty worked underneath my opposing Counsel Jack Middleton, I discovered. And so did Senator Ayotte, I discovered. But much like the litigants in this case, I only discovered it after I was fucked, and the Court basically laughs at you because that's what they are designed to do. Screw little people 85% of the time, give them a break every now and then to create the appearance of a Just and Civilized Society. 

Don't believe the hype. These people are sick. Basically, robed criminals. Stay tuned for Pt.2 where we learn more about Attorney Flemings conduct in this case. It's a doozy and got her removed from the case, but that was just damage control.  I'm about to blow the cover on that, too.

KingCast v. McCafferty Video.
KingCast v. McCafferty Motion to Recuse.

Friday, January 26, 2018

KingCast Discusses Like Kenney, Corporal Bruce McKay and Multiple Felon Greg Floyd on "Missing Maura Murray" Podcast.

In this episode Lance Reenstierna & Tim Pilleri talk to Christopher King of Chris King's First Amendment Page. Topics include the triangle of fate between Office Bruce McKay, 24 year old Liko Kenney and neighbor Greg Floyd and how it could relate to Maura Murray's disappearance 

Note: Not a mortgage but important enough for me to cross post it here from my personal journal page.

"Like talking to a tornado!"
"Chris King is a ball of energy"
"Videos like an episode of Law and Order."
 -- Lance & Tim.

The best story on this is from ABC News. Hats off to Lance Reenstierna and Tim Pilleri for the excellent series and for Errin Larkin for putting us together after all these years. Be sure to join me in future episodes on their other channel.

Enjoy the interview. It is highly disturbing, however, and quite graphic. Because that's how life is.

The Franconia shooting tragedy summary video I made a few years ago is proof of that. So too is the most obvious deficiency in the "investigation" of this case, the failure to analyze this windshield bullet as well as Bruce McKay's conduct before and throughout the last moments of his life, when he was busy violating all matter of clearly-established Protocol.

Anyway, it's sad that some LE ruin it for others, because they already have the toughest job in the World, but when you hurt people with intention, time and time again, I will indeed join the community and make certain that you never get a road named after you:  Because you weren't so much killed in the line of duty as much as you were killed using your badge as a tool of misogynist (Ms. B Affidavit requesting psychological testing) and otherwise hateful hegemony to terrify innocent men, women and children, and that's a fact. 

Audio -- Bruce McKay Highway House Hearing #1: Rejected.
Video -- Bruce McKay Highway Senate Hearing #2: Rejected.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Vietnam Veteran Force Washington Department of Commerce to Reopen a Bad Faith Mediation with SLS and QLSC.

KingCast Mortgage Movies Michael Dean Levitz v. MERS and Capital One Preliminary Injunction CH 11 Adversary... by Christopher King on Scribd

Below see how the Department lies. Read the Description of these lies within the Description of the Memo itself. They even go so far as to say I did not provide them a full copy of Attorney Anderson's letter, yet there it is, plain as day, right fucking there. Have they no shame?  I'll bring some shame to them though. Stick around.

DFI joins in on the State-Sponsored Gang Bang of Vietnam Veteran Michael D. Levitz. No consent and no grease.

Good Day to All,

I have reviewed the non-response of the DFI as printed below.

As a former Assistant State Attorney (and residential closing attorney) I cannot condone you deferring to the Bankruptcy Court. As specifically noted on prior occasion and in the Complaint to the Attorney General (himself a blow-hard when it comes to really enforcing the law) the DFI already has taken a stance on this, in Planet Home Lending. You found that MERS' conduct, which is identical to its conduct herein, constituted a False and Deceptive Practice, but when Mr. Levitz showed you the exact same (or worse) fact pattern in his case you take and run off like a puppy that peed itself. Shameful.

Your mission is to "provide regulatory oversight" dammit:

Mr. Levitz' mission, and the ambit of authority with respect to the Bankruptcy case does not reach that far.

You are ignoring your own case law. There is no real support for homeowners in this State, and I am about to document it thoroughly.

But what do I know. I was only a closing attorney who make WaMu a few million dollars Bank in the Day.

Very Truly Yours,



Mr. Levitz:

I received your voicemail asking for a status update on DFI Complaint No. 048467. Recently, we sent you a letter notifying you that we received your complaint from the Washington State Attorney General’s Office and, upon review, determined that this matter is in pending litigation in US Bankruptcy Court. As noted in that letter, we will refrain from taking action on this matter pending the outcome of that litigation. At this time, there are no additional updates.


Drew Stillman
Financial Legal Examiner | Consumer Services Division | Department of Financial Institutions

P 360.902.8792 | F 360.704.6953 | E drew.stillman@dfi.wa.gov | PO Box 41200 | Olympia, WA 98504-1200


Want to know the meaning of Hell on Earth? Ask Michael Levitz, dealing with Quality Loan Servicing, McCarthy Holthus and Specialized Loan Servicing. Here is your back story one and two, as the Christmas Grinch story continues. In this chapter we examine a clear-cut violation of established protocol that resulted in a homeowner having to force the Department of Commerce to reopen an improvidently-Certified Mediation because of a Mediator's oversight and post-hoc Bad Faith on the part of Specialized Loan Servicing.
There was an agreement, and they reneged on the agreement so they can try to steal a Seattle home with Sound and Mountain views. It's despicable conduct, particularly in light of the fact that the Trusts involved either don't exist or are not registered, and because he tried to pay off this loan already but could not find his lender. You can't make this up.

But as Gordon Gano reminds us in lyric verse, "they do it all the time."

Monday, January 22, 2018

KingCast Drops the Hammer and Exposes Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, Rose Adams, Ginger's Rescue and AC Officers Tabatha Shoemake and Elena McKee as Architects of Danger.

Note: Not a mortgage but important enough to cross post from my personal journal.

On Jan 22, 2018, at 12:17 PM, Christopher King <kingcast955@icloud.com> wrote:
Re: Rose Adams case shows how dirty Edmonds and MLT really is. 

Criminal Charges.
You let this woman run amok forever and a day for illegitimate reasons. Criminal Charges.
Thank god for KOMO coverage.

You protected her just as you protected and continue to protect Kristina in the death of Livi.

I'm not done with you. 
Far from done.
Fuck you. Fuck each and every one of you. Especially that so-called Attorney (Kristina's hand puppet) Greg Schrag.
-The nigger you love to hate.

************(7:26pm follow up)

So yeah, 

After the Jury deadlocked on her animal cruelty case she brokered a Settlement with the city of Edmonds:

lmao It just hit me. The one thing Rose said that’s true. The dogs are like her children. Truer words have never been said. She treated the dogs just as badly as she treated us. Notice she’s estranged from all four of her children? Hell, the only one that showed up was there to see to it she was convicted. Like her children indeed.